Where to buy a Marilyn® Brush?

Marilyn® Brushes can be found nationwide at fine salons, spas and beauty supply stores. If you can’t find a Marilyn® Brush in your area then click here.

All beauty supply retailers that want to sell Marilyn® Brushes please call (800) 783-9969.

Why choose a Marilyn® Brush?

The Marilyn® Brush is the original hourglass shaped brush designed to minimize styling time and give people more freedom in styling their hair.

A Marilyn® Brush is Innovation by design with the first and only successful advanced hourglass design using exceptional quality and natural boar bristles with a unique bristling pattern.

How is a Marilyn® Brush different?

A Marilyn® Brush is the true original hourglass shaped brush that uses only the finest materials including true ceramic barrels and natural boar bristles.

Why is the hourglass shape important?

The original hourglass shape in a Marilyn® Brush grabs the hair and keeps it on the brush so you don’t have to continually pull at the hair to seal the cuticle.

Why boar bristle?

A boar bristle brush sleeks and smoothes the hair and increases the shine. Natural boar bristle and ‘C-cut’ boar bristle which is the best cut of the bristle are only what are used in the creation of a Marilyn® Brush. The C-cut boar bristle brush distributes the hairs natural oils and seals the cuticle to promote healthy hair.

What is it about ceramic that makes hair look fabulous?

A ceramic brush evenly distributes heat from the dryer and protects the hair while creating fabulous style. A ceramic brush holds heat at 180 degrees for up to 10 minutes.

How do I measure the size of a brush?

Marilyn® brushes come in numerous sizes and are designed for different hair types and lengths. The size of a brush can be measured by placing a ruler at the top of a brush and the length from bristle end to bristle end is the size of your brush.

Which brush do I use to create volume?

The best brush for creating volume is the Tuxedo Pro which is also the best selling brush within the line. The bristles on the Tuxedo Brush are angled to the barrel for added volume.

Which brush should I use to straighten my hair?

The Double S Pro is designed to straighten hair and seal the cuticle which results in smooth sleek hair. The Double S Pro features 100% reinforced boar bristle to distribute sebum on the hair and the bristles are perpendicular to the barrel for straightening.

Why does every Marilyn® Brush have a foam handle?

The Marilyn® Brush is ergonomically designed with a foam handle to give stylists and home users the best experience possible.The brush stays in your hand absolutely no slipping from wet hands. Foam handle creates a firm ergonomic grip.

What is the Marilyn® Brush return policy?

RETURN POLICY:  Products remain the property of Robanda International, Inc. until fully paid for.  All damages/shortages MUST be reported within 48 hours of receipt of goods.  Returns must be approved by our Corporate Office, where upon an RA # is given and a 20% restocking fee will be charged, freight is payable by customer.  Unless, goods are defective/damaged upon receipt, restocking fee/freight charges will be waived.